BenJamin Stielow


“My focus as a metal artist was to create something that looked as if it were made from bronze. The inlay is rather tight on the body. I just allowed the piece and my work on it to evolve.”

Make what you like, don’t try and make what you think someone else might like. BenJamin was given this advice at the first art show that he attended; and it launched his curiosity to look inside himself and discover the artist that he has become.

BenJamin creates his metal art using raw steel plate, copper sheet, and a hand-held plasma torch to freehand cut all the details of his original aspen pieces. He then uses different patinas to color the metal and a clear sealant to keep it looking great.

Living in Colorado, the incredible mountain vistas continue to inspire him in the same way that his work will enlarge your own interior landscape.

"Bronze Forrest"