Grace Blowers


PV-Grace-Blowers“I feel compelled to create. To not bring a vision to fruition is as foreign to me as the notion of a lioness not protecting her cub. Creating has never felt like a choice for me, but a way of life. I am a mosaic artist. Though I have tried others, no medium has captured me like tesserae.

In my work I use ceramic, porcelain and glass tile, tempered and stained glass, marble, smalti, and assorted other “finds”. It is unusual for me to create a piece by sketching it all out, or having a firm plan. Rather, I let the work take me where it will, at times with a vague idea of my goal for a piece, at times with none. My art is my life, for it encompasses family, friends, and God.

My creativity is a part of me, and is not something I put on the shelf at the end of the work day. I learn and I grow as a person from every piece of art that I create. To have such a gift is no small thing. I am the luckiest woman in the world. This violin was created out of my love for flowers in nature. The piece is mosaiced with glass, tile, and other finds.”

"A Melody of Wild Flowers"

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