Jackie Telfer Calvert


“’Sound Waves’ is inspired by the idea that music and art, like water, is fluid and ever changing. It can be tumultuous, tranquil, therapeutic, transformative and for some, a necessity. It can flow like thoughts and infiltrate the crevices of our being and take on the form of it’s creator or vessel.”

jackie-telfer-calvertJackie Telfer Calvert has loved to paint and draw since a very young age. A California Native, she studied Fine Art and Interior Design at OCC and SDSU. She learned to weld and sculpt at SUNY Delhi while living and working as an Americorps volunteer; studied photography in New Zealand and Monastery Murals in Tibet. She worked for years for various decorative artists and teams in the Denver area before starting her own company, ‘ The Color Lab’ in 2013. As owner/artist of ‘The Color Lab’ Jackie focuses on turning ordinary walls into custom, stylish works of art.

"Sound Waves"

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