Janet Woelfle


“Bringing together the notion that music and the visual arts share some vital and similar processes was my aim. Invention siphoned through a media and a person. Different tools, same premise. So I used the metaphor of opening the violin to discover those similarities. Inside the violin is a small giclee of a violinist, circa 1897 representing a long inspiring past. Brushes and a palette of the primary and secondary paint colors represent the elements necessary to create the musical and the visual. A piece of parchment is printed with the violin (and cello) notes to Fur Elise by Beethoven; a favorite composer and composition.”

Almost every opportunity to experience the arts, in as many ways as possible (affordable) has been my endeavor for the past forty-or-so years. I’ve taken art classes in France and Italy, taught art for a year and a half in Australia, gotten a degree in the fine arts, been a founding member of a community arts commission and taught high school art classes; not necessarily in that order. As a retiree, I can take a longer, deeper, look into my sketchbooks with the goal of compiling, creating, and learning about the next art series and the adventures that accompany their making.

“The Music Box”