Mark Rossier


“Cardew’s Teapot grew from my experience as a professional potter, my love of musical instruments as sculptural creative tools, and my gratitude to British potter Michael Cardew. I learned from Michael’s students his beliefs about the musicality of a good pot—he often said a potter’s wheel is like a musical instrument requiring practice and playing. Michael loved simple teapots, free of what he called “excrescences”; I’m sure he would dislike this teapot were it meant for tea. I suspect, however, he would appreciate its intent and purpose.”

rossierMark has been a professional potter for over thirty years beginning his training with Stephen Kilborn in Taos, New Mexico and Miranda Thomas Shackleton in Vermont. He believes functional pottery holds a graceful power by bringing art in to our daily lives and bringing people together, therefore making pottery a tool for social growth, understanding and change. His work is in galleries, exhibitions, publications, and many homes, across the country.

“Cardew’s Teapot”

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