Marlene Feinholz


“I am drawn to the varied architecture in the city with its dark shadows, bright lights, details and lean lines. I especially like the mood on an early Sunday morning as I like to maintain an air of mystery within my work. I enjoy painting outdoors as well as in my studio. They both offer possibilities that are endless.”

feinholzMarlene was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Her mother was a painter, her grandfather a sculptor and her stepfather is a writer. They all set examples of creativity around her and encouraged her at a young age to draw. Marlene always knew that painting was her passion. She studied with a number of artists that she admired and some that are known worldwide.

Marlene has received numerous awards in Connecticut and Colorado and her work is in private collections throughout the United States. Her painting of the Broadmoor Hotel hangs in the CEO’s office on the first floor of the Hotel and one of her latest commissioned paintings hangs in the foyer of KEW Realty on Jackson St. in Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado. Also, she was commissioned Saint Joseph Hospital to paint a scene of Denver for the new Children’s Hospital.

“Fiddling in Central Park”

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