Vicki Renfro


“I can still remember the first time I heard an elk bugle. The haunting music stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s a privilege to listen to the miracle of nature calling for the creation of self. It happens with all living things, the calling to their mates. Some are a spectacle that can’t be missed; others are so soft that the magic is only seen in the spring when the newborns emerge to take their place in the world. The Acrylic paintings on my violin show both. Nature is the original symphony, a mesmerizing masterpiece of wildlife calling for the creation of self. My acrylic painting shows the original bugle boy along with the soft under tones of youth evolving to take their place in the world.”

renfroVicki Renfro began her art career at the age of five. Being the best crayon artist in kindergarten led her to earn multiple national awards through out school and receive a BFA. As owner of a custom signs shop in Evergreen Colorado, Vicki has designed, carved and painted hundreds of commissions that adorn driveways and businesses across Colorado. Several years ago she returned to her fine art roots. “It’s the eyes,” most people comment when looking into the faces of the animals she paints. Vicki’s work can be found in collections across the United States.

“Nature’s Music”

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